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So you want to help

save the rhinos?

Rhino poaching has reached a crisis point. In co-operation with Unite Against Poaching and the SANParks Honorary Rangers, we have created Rhino Tears Wines to help combat poaching by donating all proceeds from the sales to aid anti-poaching projects.

In South Africa the poaching rate of rhinos is estimated to

Equal the birth rate

which leaves them facing critical extinction.


During 2014, in South Africa alone a staggering

1215 rhinos were killed

by poachers, that's one in every eight hours.


Southern Africa is home

to the world's last

rhino population.

Rhino Tears

Let's make 2018 a year of rhino conservation and awareness,

support the cause

Rhino Tears

R15 from every bottle of Rhino Tears purchased, goes directly towards anti-poaching projects in our national parks.

Every bottle makes a difference!

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